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World premiere of

『Crane』Japanese Ballet

 I will present an original composition and script based on the theme of "The Return of the Crane"... I am constantly experimenting with new ideas 🙏.

I have tried our hand at "traditional Japanese culture x ballet" with taiko drums and Japanese Koto harps, but this time we want to present it as a full-length Japanese work of about one hour in length.





2024年6月8日(土)9日(日)16:00 開演 約 60 分間旧アソンブレホール

The world premiere of "The Crane"

I hope to express our gratitude and wish for peace through dance, transcending the barriers of national borders and language, by remembering the path we have taken, just like the "crane that give thanks to the favour"...

A ballet piece with various strong feelings... I will do my best to make it a ballet that will be delivered to your hearts.

We want to challenge ourselves to do the best we can 😭 We hope you will come and see us!

8(Sat) & 9(Sun) June 2024, 16:00 Concert starts, approx. 60 mins, Old Asombre Hall



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